Unfair dismissal

For many years now, my professional concentration has rested squarely within this specialist field, of advising clients before and after terminations.

Employment law

My work concentrates solely on employment law, and the associated social law. This results in high-quality legal services and optimized legal advice.

Conflict resolution

I place particular emphasis on the sustainable, long-term resolution of conflicts at the workplace, especially in the lead-up to, or aftermath of, a termination


You can contact me via E-Mail:
info@heidelberg-arbeitsrecht.com or by telephone: +496221 –67 33 614


Tobias Theiß


For many years, I have been consulting with and advising employers, management, and employees in all areas of employment law, in particular concerning the termination of employment. My high degree of professional specialization, regular participation in professional development seminars, and years of experience put me in a position to achieve the best outcome for you.